Golden Rule More Important Than Ever

He who has the gold makes the rules right?  Have you seen gold prices lately?  But seriously, my mom would remind my brother and I of this (amidst eye rolling and sly punches) almost daily.  Who knew it would actually make good business sense?

This is what customer service really boils down to, isn’t it?  If I want to make an impression on a customer, I need to try and empathize with them and then treat them as I would want to be treated myself.  If I want to make a bad impression, I don’t listen, I spout off “company policy” and generally give off the vibe that your situation isn’t worth my time.

My wife took her engagement ring to be repaired recently.  (Anyone who knows her knows that this story won’t be a positive example.)  They messed it up.  Seriously.  So they take it back and say they’re going to fix it.  So she goes to pick it up – for the second time mind you – and it’s now deformed and not at all to her satisfaction.  The lackey that she’s dealing with looks at her (she’s almost in tears at this point) and says to her “What do you want me to do about it?”

Wow.  Epic fail on the service there dude.  I realize that there are times when you just can’t help the customer out.  They want you to change the laws of physics or alter the space-time continuum or connect you with an English speaking operator when you call Dell.  These things will come up and I think most customers understand and have a certain amount of tolerance for.  You lose them as soon as you treat them in a way that you yourself would not want to be treated.  It’s that simple.