2009 Geek Lust Satisfying Gifts

I have been accused of being hard to shop for.  I have to respectfully disagree with that notion.  I find it all too easy to shop for me.  I like to play with technology, I like to cook, I like to read and I play guitar a little.  To me that’s a fairly target rich environment.  Anyway, here is a list of surefire gifts for the geek in your life. 

  • Motorola DroidYou probably have seen the commercials.  (My favorite is the Misfit Toys one…)  This device is pretty sweet.  It’s sleek and angular, has a 3.7” screen and integrates with Google Everything.  Toss in GPS, Video and Music, and a 5 MP camera and you’ve got yourself some bona fide geek bait.
  • Kindle DXI absolutely love books.  I love bookstores.  I hate trying to pack around technical books.  They’re HUGE and you have to think in advance which ones you might need.  The Kindle solves all of that and most of the tech books cost about half of the print version.  The DX is quite a bit more expensive than the smaller one, but if you’re going to be reading a ton of tech material, it’s the only way to go!
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 This is a great sequel to a great game.  In the single-player campaign you play as a couple of different soldiers ranging from the British SAS Special Ops branch to a grunt in the US Army.  I particularly loved the missions set in Brazil and the very authentic graffiti and billboards and also the Portuguese cursing bad guys.  This game is fun even when I’m getting absolutely stomped while playing online.
  • Flip Ultra HD  This digital pocket camcorder will record 120 minutes of video in widescreen 720p high definition.  It’s a slick little device that’s easy to keep close at hand to catch those co-worker moments that just beg to posted on YouTube.  You know, like the first time you see one of them REALLY getting into Wii Boxing, for example.
  • Brain Bag by Tom Bihn – I have struggled with the ideal bag for years.  I’ve packed around the obligatory Tech Conference giveaway bags to cheap messenger bags to expensive leather shoulder bags.  This one spanks them all.  You can put a tremendous amount of stuff in this thing and it stands up to abuse like no other.  There’s even a slide show of them dropping an egg inside of the laptop case and it coming out just fine.  It’s not cheap, but it will be the last bag you ever buy.
  • Leatherman Skeletool CX – Working in technology occasionally will require actual physical tools.  Seriously, stop laughing.  I’m not talking about a torque wrench here.  Opening boxes full of shiny new toys, swapping out motherboard screws, trimming zip ties, you know, that kind of thing.  Anyway, playing the “who has the screwdriver game” may have sounded like fun in college, but not so much when you’re trying to get things done at work.  This tool is compact, versatile and well made.  (That’s what she…nah, not gonna go there…)
  • Dragon Age: Origins – As fun as I think Modern Warfare 2 is, it really doesn’t hold a candle to the good old fashioned sword and sorcery role playing game.  This is a great throwback to the Baldur’s Gate era of PC gaming and will help the most hardcore geek out there get his D&D on.  They even have it for Xbox and PS3.
  • Dell 3007WFP-HC 30” LCD – This one isn’t cheap, I’ll grant you.  But if you want to see a look of pure ecstasy on the geek in your life, this will almost certainly do the job.  It has fantastic color, great accessory features like USB, firewire and an SD port.  Killing zombies has NEVER looked so good. 
  • Razor Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse – Ok, so 1200 buck might be out of your budget.  This wireless gaming mouse is a mere tenth of that amount and is also the best device in its class.  It has an ASTOUNDING 1ms response time and can be used either wirelessly or wired.  Even the packaging is a thing of beauty.
  • Titanium Spork – A roundup for geeks like this could not be complete without a titanium spork.  Eating is always a priority to the geek on the go and never has there been a more perfect utensil for it.  Seriously, it combines the liquid retention ability of a spoon with the impaling ability of a fork.  It’s really quite ingenious when you think about it…but wait!  This just in…a STAR TREK STARFLEET ACADEMY SPORK!!  Truly we live in an age of wonders.  I can die happy now.

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