Satisfied with Your Life? Here’s the Antidote…

I kid, I kid.  I read a couple of books this week that really hit me between the eyes and made me realize how complacent I seem to have become.  The first is A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink and the second is Linchpin: Are You Indispensible? by Seth Godin.  I highly recommend them both to anyone in business, but especially to technology people in business. 

A Whole New Mind is a look at the end of the Information Age characterized by knowledge workers and MBA types, and the rise of what the author calls the Conceptual Age which will be dominated by more creative types that can synthesize date, make relationships and add value through design.  Mr. Pink has a very easy writing style and offered some great ideas on how to develop your right brain and thereby be able to add even more value in whatever you do.

Linchpin really blew my mind.  I like Seth Godin’s style a lot, and I was looking forward to reading it even before it showed up on my doorstep.  A linchpin is someone who leans into “the resistance”, the part of all of us that wants to play it safe, and just gets things done.  As Seth says over and over, they ship.  It doesn’t matter if your IQ makes Einstein look like Paris Hilton if you don’t ship.  The book was inspiring to me and made me want to live up to exceed what I expect from myself. 

I really felt both of these books as a one-two punch of much needed motivation and self-discovery.  They have shifted my perceptions and I am newly energized by the challenges that I encounter daily.  I’m not really dissatisfied with my life, I’m just no longer willing to settle.