Free Tools Friday 8

We recently had a local company come in and talk to our development team about Kanban and Lean Software Development.  Their product is called LeanKit and the 5 Users/1 Board version is completely free.  You can register, log in, and have your board set up in about 3 minutes.  I love the interface and how simply they have executed the system.  Anyone who’s managing projects with a small team should definitely check this out.


The tool is pretty sweet, but I was equally interested in their explanation of the principles of Lean/Kanban.  Two of the “pillars” of this way of thinking are Delivering Customer Value and Continuous Improvement (maybe you’ve heard the term kaizen).  Anyone who’s ever ready this blog knows that I’m all about both of those things.  I’m really excited to learn more about all of this and see how it plays out in the real world.  I’ll keep you posted.