Free Software Friday

This weeks selection hits particularly close to home for me and some of my esteemed colleagues.  It’s called JibberJobber and it’s pretty slick.  They style themselves Career Management 2.0, and I think they bring the goods to back it up.

The software is pretty simple.  After you get signed up, you start tracking things like which recruiters you’re working with, any companies you’ve targeted, interview dates and so on.  After you plug all that info in, you can do things like search for people on Google, LinkedIn etc directly from the app, you can set follow-ups and reminders and such.  It’s like a CRM system for your job search.  You’re supposed to be working at this like it’s a full-time job, right?  This is the system you need to track your efforts. 

It will even show you all of the companies that it knows about in your area:


The base product is free, you can upgrade for 5 or 10 bucks a month and get some nice add-ons.  If you’re in the market, check this one out!

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