Free Software Friday

I have talked about some different applications that can connect you to a remote computer, but I’ve been using a package called Mikogo for the last little bit and I am REALLY impressed with it.  It can connect you to a single remote pc or you can get up to 8 others joined to you in a remote training/meeting kind of scenario.  No more GoToMeeting fees!


All you have to do is install the started app on your pc and then set up a free account.  Once installed you’re just a right-mouse click away from starting up your session.  Tell your friend/client/mother-in-law to go to and enter the Session ID that you tell them.  A few mouse clicks on their side and voila, you are all connected up with about 90% of the tools that the pay products give you.  Sweet!


You can share just a single program on your pc, your whole desktop or even switch control over to the other person and check out what’s happening on their end. 


There’s even a whiteboard for crying out loud!  Are you downloading it yet?  Enjoy it!