Informative is Good, But I Like Pie

So a friend of mine saw my Xobni plugin in Outlook today and the following conversation ensued:

Tactless Friend:  What’s that in your Outlook?

Me:  It’s Xobni….wait didn’t you read my blog?

TF:  Uhhh, errr, everyone blogs these days…err, no.

Me:  Man, damn.

TF:  I’ll be sure to read it now….it’s funny right?

Me:  Uhh, errr, not funny per se….no.

TF:  Informative is good…but I like funny.

Me:  [in desperate justification] I wasn’t really going for funny.  I want to help people out with technology issues.  I can be funny.

TF:  Sure you can.

Me:  [pathetically] Really, you know I’m funny.  You laugh all the time.

TF:  Right.

Being funny in person is different than being funny in writing.  I get a good amount of laughs in meetings or over dinner, but as I read back over these posts, I’m not really even making myself laugh (which isn’t hard to do).  My wife manages to be funny in writing without even trying.  I’m going to have to look for some cartoons or something to liven the place up.

Lesson learned:  be funny or you suck. 

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