Lame Cop Out

This is like a lamer version of those sit com clip shows.  You know, the ones where they string together a bunch of old episodes so they don’t have to actually write/shoot a new episode.  This is lamer because I’m not even using my own clips. 

**(Obviously, Simpsons episodes would be exempt from my comments)

Anyway, good food is good food, no matter who’s recipe it is.  Everyone who’s read this blog (all three of you) knows that I like to take recipes and change them around and make them more agreeable to my family.  Sometimes, though I come across such good ones that I can’t bring myself to mess with them.

One of the MANY food blogs that I read is Prudence Pennywise.  Before anyone says anything, YES, I think she lives in Utah, and NO I didn’t know that when I started reading it.  She posts some very interesting recipes, though, one of which is the Summer Thyme Corn Chowder that is the subject of this post.  It was OUTSTANDING.  My wife hates almost all soup (I know, I love her anyway though), and she really liked it also.

Another food blogger that I like a lot is Smitten Kitchen.  Her recipes are great, she has an entertaining writing style and I am terminally jealous of her photography skills.  She posted a recipe for Cheese Straws back in June that was delicious and paired up very nicely with the soup. 

Check them out, try them and as always, let me know what you think!

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  1. mary says:

    I’m so excited to make the corn chowder and cheese straws! 🙂 Thank you for having Sydney to your house. She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed visiting with you all.

    Lots of love,