Free Software Friday 9

I am a mess.  I’ll freely admit it.  Those who have worked with me know that I have to juggle many different eggs from vastly different worlds and at times, some of them fall.  (It’s not so bad as I make a fantastic omelet.)  As a result, I’m always looking for a better way to stay organized. 

Evernote has been around for quite a while.  The last time I looked at it was a few years ago, and didn’t really see how it would work for me.  A friend of mine started using it and mentioned it so I went back to check it out.  It seems that the magical elves at Evernote have been busy!

There are clients for the browser, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  You can even send notes to your account via Twitter!  I’m packing the Droid around these days, so I downloaded that app and the Windows client.  I’ve been using it for several weeks now and have been very impressed. 

Here are screenshots of the windows client and web client:



The free account comes with 40 GB of space (premium is only $5/month for 500 MB and no ads), which seems to be plenty so far.  I love being able to go to my phone when I’m out and about and have all of my notes and lists in one place.  The tagging and search functions seem to work very nicely, but I don’t yet have a ton of data in there to give it a real test.  The ink note story is not so great (I have used OneNote for a long time and am spoiled) but the ability to access data everywhere overshadows that weakness.

Once Sharepoint 2010 and OneNote 2010 and Windows Mobile 7 phones are out on the market, I intend to see if I can match the functionality of Evernote and still have all the things I like about OneNote.  In the meantime, definitely take a look at Evernote.