Free Software Friday

This week’s entry comes courtesy of my esteemed colleague, Alex Robson.  It’s a sweet little app that runs totally in your browser and seems to do just about everything that Microsoft Visio does.

Diagrams, flow-charts, floor plans, you name it and can handle it.  It takes about 30 seconds to get started with this tool and it is surprisingly simple.  The interface is clean and straightforward:


I was really surprised to see you can do things like copy/paste and grouping shapes.  Obviously Visio can do far more, but if you just use the basics like I do, this is a great lightweight replacement.  (Fear not, you can save your stuff as an SVG file which Visio can open.) 

If you opt for the pay version, it’s just five bucks a month and it gives you some really cool collaboration features and increases your storage.  Check it out!