Will Provide Technology Leadership for Food

The irony of the timing of my last post followed by this one is not lost on me.  When I wrote that ebook and posted it I had a great team of technology professionals, a job that I liked a whole lot, and a pretty good idea of what the future was going to look like.  Now, not so much. 

I won’t go into the gory details, they are easy enough to find on the Interwebs (just search for Sommet Group and try not to cry).  I do, however want to say a few words about the folks I have been fortunate enough to associate with for the last four and a half years.  The team that we assembled is hands down the best group of developers I have ever been around.  The infrastructure team was solid and dependable.  I could throw anything at them and they would just take care of it.  I am a better person for having worked with them.

It wasn’t just the teams that I was personally involved with, either.  My colleague and good friend Steve Lacey’s team of analysts and quality control people were constantly surprising and impressing me with their dedication and hard work.  Steve himself helped me to grow in ways I’m sure even he can’t comprehend.  I will miss our daily association.

So I find myself in the job market unexpectedly.  I know that this very thing has happened to thousands over the past two years, and I have certainly been sympathetic in an abstract way for those affected.  But nothing really can prepare you for the feeling of free-fall that comes with suddenly having that part of your identity taken away. 

I have been very fortunate over the years.  More often than not, interesting job opportunities have found me.  I can barely remember the last time I was out actively job hunting.  I am optimistic, though.  I have a wonderful, caring network of friends and colleagues who have poured out their support and well-wishes for both me and the teams that I led.  I thank you all.

Now, onward and upward.

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  1. David, you are so talented. I know you will find something great. I will keep my eyes out, but I don’t know if you’re interested in moving away from Tennessee.

  2. Dave, good luck with the search. I am confident that you will find something quickly. I hope you use your free time to write more quality e-books on tech job searching/interviewing. Please let me know if I can help.

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